(UPPCS 2006, S.D.M.)



"It is revolutionary platform for self evaluation for civil services aspirants. It has brought sure success at door steps of candidates."

- Dr. Basant Agrawal, S.D.M. 2006


Heartiest congratulation on your brilliant success.




What is secret of your success in civil service examination ?


God’s grace, consistent efforts and specialized from are secret of my success.


How much time do you think one require for effective preparation for this examination ?


One & half year, But It is better to start preparation just after 12th examination.


What prompted you to choose civil services as your career ? Do you remembers any significant incident of your life that motivated you to go for a career in the civil services ?


The umbrella of activities which these services provides unparallel. These services give ample scope for personality development & social service.


What is your impression of the interview Board ?


Interview Board members are very experienced, practical & positive. They judge honesty in talks of the candidate.


How did your parents, other family members and friends contribute to your success ?


By regularly motivating & encouraging me, my parents, family & friends contributed to my success.


How you not been selected in the Civil Services Examination, what other career would you have opted for ?


Medical Science.


How would you visualize your success?




What were your optional for the civil service examination? What were criteria for their selection?


Zoology & Sociology.

I opted Zoology because of my academic background and sociology because of personal interest and availability of standard material & expert support from NCEI.


What do you think about implementation of negative marking in ICS exam? Has this made regular question practice inevitable?


It is a positive step to encourage students with better accuracy level. This has made regular test evaluation online/otherwise) inevitable to reduce commission of mistakes in examination hall.


Do you feel that there should be no restriction on the number of attempts allowed in ICS ?


Yes, the restrictions are necessary.


What is your message for the future aspirants?


“Ships are safest in the harbor but that’s not the place they are made for.” So jump in this ocean. Catch the right stream through self-evaluation. Success will be yours.


What was your biggest mistake during preparation of these exams.


I started self-evaluation (online tests & test series) only after a failure in exam.


To whom would you like to give the credit for your success?


I give credit to God’s grace, my family, and my friends and to all my well wishers.


Your success strategy for-


1. Prelims-

-Extensive study.

-Use of authentic study material.

-Regular self evaluation through online tests.

2. Mains

-Intensive Study of some topics & extensive study of others.

-Regular Evaluation through mains test series.

-Expert advice from NCEI for Answer auality improvement.

3. Personality test/interview-

-Be humble, honest, balanced & to the point.

-Practice through NCEI Interview module.

-Group Discussion.

-Original thought development.


Were you confident of your success. How did you react to the success news?


Yes, success news increased my confidence level & my believe in exam process.


Before knowing your result, what was perception about toppers?


No doubt. Toppers are somewhat different from others. But anyone can become a topper after developing certain qualities.


In how many attempts have you achieved this success? How do you visualize your performance in previous attempts? What were your service preferences?


Dy. S.P. in IInd attempt, S.D.M. in IIIrd attempt. S.D.M. was my first preference.


What was your strategy for time management during preparation as well as during examination.




Please list resources you utilized for C. S. preparation?


1. Notes of for prelims & mains.

2. NCERT Books.

3. Test Services of for prelims exam.

4. Pratiyogita Darpans.

5. India Year Book (Govt. Publications)


What is importance of medium of expression in these exams.




In your opinion, what is value of regular self evaluation as an important ingredient of any strategic plan for success in civil services?


Regular self evaluation (online or written) is very important to know our short comings & mistakes.


How do you visualize the role of as a platform of Evaluation and Interaction?


It is revolutionary platform for self evaluation for civil services aspirants. It has brought sure success at door steps of candidates.


What is your opinion about the concept behind


The concept is well thought & excellently implemented.


How do you look upon the availability of online evaluation facility for Hindi medium students also?


Hindi medium students are very lucky to have online test facility, as perhaps no other website is providing this facility at present.


How do you think could be more useful to the candidates appearing in the civil services examinations?


By improving interaction between faculty & students and by increasing others value added services. It can become a panacea for aspirants.


Thank you very much & wishing you all glory/success in life.


Thank You.