What was your immediate response to the success news?


I could not believe at first instance but felt very happy, I thanked God, my parents & brother.


What was your strategy for success?


Study only when you want to study.


What were your optional?


Prelims : Mathematics
Mains   : 1. Mathematics  2. Mechanical Engg.


What is your suggestion for beginners?


First be sure that you want to go for this service by your own choice then decide your subjects according to your interest after thinking.


Name the resources you went through.


G.S. : Notes of Vajiram and Ravi Coaching, Hindu Newspaper, Yojana Magazine.


What was your strategy for :


1. Prelims : I Gave more attention to optional(Mathematics) and in G.S. only traditional parts.
2. Mains  : I Gave due attention to all subjects according to need.
3. Interview : Be natural.


What is your opinion about coaching institutions?


Select them after thinking and taking suggestions of your friends.


What will you like to suggest to failure candidates?


Don't loose your heart. Success comes only after few failures.


What feature do you like most at


"This is a very innovative idea & would be very useful for the candidates in the future. I wish all the best to this site. "