Vaibhav Srivastava
(MPPSC - D.S.P.)



Heartiest congratulation on your brilliant success.


Thank You very much.


What is secret of your success in civil service examination ?


Positive attitude, focused approach, grace of Almighty and unmatched support of my family & friends.


How much time do you think one requires for effective preparation for this examination ?


Usually One Year, but it may vary from person to person.


What prompted you to choose civil services as your career ? Do you remembers any significant incident of your life that motivated you to go for a career in the civil services ?


It’s the only service which provides economic security, stability social honor and challenges besides the pious opportunity, to serve the motherland. My father has motivated me rather than any other incident.


What is your impression of the interview Board ?


The board was very cordial. They made the environment very comfortable so as to extract best out of me. Their attitude was very positive and encouraging.


How did your parents, other family members and friends contribute to your success ?


I owe my success specially to my father as he was the Chief motivating factor. My mother showed blind faith in my abilities which helped me a lot during any kind of stress. My sister always encouraged me. My study group (Vivek, Vartika, Ankita, Amit, Ruchi) helped a lot, I got benefited my their notes and support. Besides these my other friends and well wishers always shown their confidence in me which always gave boost to my self confidence.


Had you not been selected in the Civil Services Examination, what other career would you have opted for?


I never thought of an alternative as this service is my passion.


How would you visualize your success ?


First step towards a bigger goal and that is to contribute a much as I can for the betterment of my motherland.


What were your optional for the civil service examination ? What were criteria for their selection ?


Botany-I have done my Graduation in it.
Public Adm.
-It has a practical importance in this field. These subjects are also very interesting and scientific.


What do you think about implementation of negative marking in ICS exam ? Has this made regular question practice inevitable ?


It’s a good move as it checks the confidence level which is of utmost importance for a civil servant.


Do you feel that there should be no restriction on the number of attempts allowed in ICS ?


Yes, There should be restriction so that only serious and focused candidates bear the fruits.


What is your message for the future aspirants ?


Always be positive and never say die. Failure is stepping stone towards success.


What was your Biggest mistake during preparation of these exams.


I studied for the whole year with it most Zeal but somehow I lost my enthusiasm just before the exams.


To whom would you live to give the credit for your success ?


To the Almighty, To my father, mother sister and my study group along with my well-wishers.


Your success strategy for -


1. Prelims-Smart Study throughout the year with special focus on current events.

Consulting only from quality books and solving as much MCQs as possible.

2. Mains
-Be selective, always stay in touch with the previous years papers and do a lot of answer writing. Study only quality books.

3. Personality test/interview
-Be confident positive an calm. Be original. As personality development is a long term process try to work an your personality right from the beginning.


Were you confident of your success. How did you react to the success news ?


Yes absolutely, but didn’t know that it will come in my first attempt. I was “surprisingly happy.”


Before knowing your result, what was your perception about toppers ?


They are common people with uncommon qualities.


In how many attempts have you achieved this success ? How do you visualize your performance in previous attempts. What were you service preferences.


In first attempt, Service preferences were DC, DySP. Excise and so on.


What was your strategy for time management during preparation as well as during examination.


No strategy for time management except study regularly, quality of hours never matters but quality of hours is everything.


Please list resources you utilized for C. S. preparation ?


G.S.-NCERT, TMH, Bipin Chandra, D.D. Basu, The Hindu, The Chronicle.

Botany-One specialized book for each unit.

G.S.-NCERT, Spectrum Series, Bipin Chandra, D.D. Basu, The Hindu Frontline, Chronicle, Wizard.


What is importance of medium of expression in these exams.


Not much, choose the medium you are comfortable.


In your opinion, what is value of regular self evaluation as an important ingredient of any strategic plan for success in civil services ?


Its of utmost importance as it helps a lot in your and assessment as well as in your preparations.


How do you visualize the role of as a platform of Evaluation and Interaction ?


It’s a very well directed beginning since aspirants can get “anything-anytime-anywhere” which they need to crack “Civil Services”.


What is your opinion about the concept behind


The concept is good but aspirants will only get the benefits of this website if they know that such a website exists.


How do you look upon the availability of online evaluation facility for Hindi medium students also ?


It’s a very good idea as I felt that Hindu Medium students do lack quality guidance.


How do you think could be more useful to the candidates appearing in the civil services examinations  ? should start its magazine also so as to reach every nook and corner of the Country. Also publicity of the website is needed. Also enrich your contents.


Thank you very much & wishing you all glory success in life.


Thank You Very Much.


Name :

Vaibhav Srivastava

Father’s Name :

DR. Santosh Kumar Srivastava

Mother’s Name :

Smt. Shashi Srivastava

Educational Qualification :

High School-66%  (U.P. Board), SSIC Nanpara (Behraich)

Intermediate-76% (U.P. Board), MBIC Lucknow

Graduation (B.Sc.)-66% (Lucknow University)

PGDPA-62% (Lucknow University) 

Previous Selections :

CPMT-02 (but not joined)

Your Strong Point :

Never Say die attitude, Self Confidence and Cool Mindedness

Your Weak Point :

Sensitive, Emotional

Your Hobbies :

Chess & Traveling