D.C. (MPPSC-05)


Expert's Guidance For New Format of Exam


Major Changes Instituted


Previous Format

New Format

No. of Questions

G.S. = 75
Optional = 100

G.S. = 150
Optional = 120

Marks allotted (Per Q.)

G.S. = 2 Marks
Optional = 3 Marks

G.S. = 1 Mark
Optional = 2.5 Mark

Time Allotted Per Question

G.S. = ~ 1.5 min.
Optional ~ 1.2 min

G.S. = ~ 48 sec
Optional = ~ 1 Min.

 Strategic Changes Required in New Format 

1. Time Management:- The time allotted per question has been drastically reduced in new format of Prelims Exam. Aspirants must prepare themselves for this by regular practice, quick retrieval of facts, good command on conceptual part to correlate better and by multiple revisions.

2. Increased Role of Question Practice/Self-Evaluation:-

“Regular Self Evaluation is key to success in this format.”

Aspirants should monitor their preparation through practice tests (online tests/other methods to know their strong & weak areas, to increase their accuracy level, to decrease errors committed in haste and to compare their preparedness with other aspirants. This will give them the real picture so that they can appear in exam with confidence.

            3. Value of Revision Increased:- There is need of Multiple revisions to deal with new format of exam. Revisions will improve time management and will decrease the commission of errors. It is better to prepare with precise notes of a good institution so that one can take multiple revisions instead of reading once or twice too much study material.

            4. Smaller Areas need more attention now:- Earlier, It was possible to neglect smaller areas from which less number of questions were asked. But with duplication of Number of Questions in G.S., Now these smaller areas need more attention. These non-conventional areas  need proper preparation in changed scenario. So Updated study material should be used & proper time must be allocated to these areas.


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